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Free performance is hiding in plain site, we find it.

What if, without adding extra time to your week, you could measurably increase your team’s performance?

Successful enterprise businesses have known this for decades; bring in outside experts when you need to squeeze more results out of your team, your systems, and your operations. We took the same methods we have been using in that arena and applied them to something we truly love; sports.

Our team of analysts, organizational psychologists, former athletes, and human performance experts has found ways for athletes and teams to extract performance improvements that were there all along, they just needed to be uncovered and implemented.

Beyond Human Performance

Human Performance is focused on getting to the destination.

Human Experience is focused on winning every step of the journey.

The Play To Win Process

Triangle Of Change

Understand how you and your team change and grow by identifying how you are best motivated.

Marginal Gains

Identify all possible marginal gains to accumulate an aggregate that has huge impact.

Lifecycle Process

Build a blueprint for your team to use to further extend your capabilities.

What does HeatCheck actually do?

This idea of bringing in consultants is probably new to you, we get that a lot. After all you’re an expert at what you do: coach. Furthermore you probably have an elite team of experts taking care of the other areas you need covered that it takes to run a successful program.

So why do you need HeatCheck? Honestly you might not. We’re very up front about that after a discovery call we can know to a high degree of accuracy if we can have a meaning impact or not. Here’s our process:

  • Discovery // We start by doing a deep dive into all aspect of your program that may have an effect on performance. We are looking for any and all variables that can be manipulated and we load them into our analytics platform.
  • Blueprint // The discovery tells us what can change and the blue print is where we define how we’re going to make the changes. This is your roadmap to success.
  • Implementation // We can ride along with your staff as long as needed to rollout all of the implementation or we can stand back and let your team run with.
  • Validation // Part of implementation includes defining what will be measured and how. This is how we can see all of the gains add up to an evolution in performance for your program.

What are marginal gains?

These are very small improvements that, by themselves, don’t add up to much but when you accumulate a lot of marginal gains it adds up to more meaningful improvements. We call this the accumulation of marginal gains.

Here’s an example from football: The offensive line, when playing a team in white jerseys, will wear white gloves. This will potentially mask a holding call. Most teams are aware of this tactic and it has become common place. Over the course of a game this advantage may only be realized once, or maybe not at all, but it is a “free” gain that could be the deciding factor in a really close game when a holding call is not called.

We use data and design thinking from decades of research to identify marginal gain opportunities within your program.

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