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Optimize Your Human Experience

“Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays”

– Schiller

It’s lonely at the top, I know, I’ve been there. The more you achieve in your career the more disconnected you feel from all of the things that truly matter in life. Your purpose gets foggy. Your time slips. Your relationships get thin. Your physical and mental health suffer.

You need a trusted advisor who has your back and can connect all of the pieces of your life – not just your career. You need a system to balance it all and release the frictions that make life harder than it needs to be.

Let’s talk.

Beyond Human Performance

Human Performance is focused on getting to the destination.

Human Experience is focused on winning every step of the journey.

Group of 4 backpackers on the Camino De Santiago trail

The Play To Win Process

Triangle Of Change

Understand how you change and grow by identifying how you are best motivated.

Balanced Self

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current life context and build a model to achieve balance.


Build a blueprint for your complete human experience, bespoke to you.

The Play To Win program works in three phases and it takes a minimum of 12 weeks. During each phase, through our conversations, I will capture the vital information needed to complete your profile in each of the phases. These phases are designed to build on one another to get to the final outcome of delivering to you a complete framework for decision making and structuring your balanced life.

Phase 1: Triangle Of Change

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The Triangle Of Change is a bespoke framework for how you grow and change. We all operate differently when it comes to what motivates us both in terms of pains we want to avoid and outcomes we want to experience. We will break down all of the intricacies of your context for change and build your own framework that we will apply in the next phases and you can use on your own.

Phase 2: Balanced Self

We all want to be tuned into our purpose in life. Some realize this more than others but we all want to be in our ideal flow state as much as is possible. To do this we need to achieve a balance of the five pillars of human development: Physical, Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Health all create a wall around our core of Self-Actualization. All five pillars need to grow in sync. Furthermore our core self, or Self-Actualization, cannot be addressed if we have significant issues in the other four.

Phase 3: Lifecycle

Idea > Concept > Define > Design > Plan > Build > Launch > Sustain

The Lifecycle is a process designed around your personal Triangle of Change and Balanced Life models and it is unique to you. We will use it for all decisions that affect your life. It will be your own personal external trigger for crafting a life that puts you in flow state in ever aspect of your human experience

How Play To Win Works

No Homework | No Minutes

I engage with you, where you are, in real time. We just talk and I do the rest. As we finish each phase I’ll give you documents outlining your personal models and tools. I do this for three reasons:

  1. Your time is extremely valuable and the last thing I want to do is put more on your plate. You just show up to our scheduled meetings.
  2. Traditional psychometric assessments give inaccurate results because you will inevitably engage in image crafting.
  3. You will get real take-aways from each session that will provide immediate impact on your life and work.

Minimum engagement is 12 weeks with about an hour per week 1 on 1.

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